The ranch “Vasilek”, formed in 1994, is a multi-activity enterprise. The total acres make 302 hectares. The ranch has its own farm machinery and motor transport. Specially equipped stockrooms are used for storing raw materials and finished products. Refrigerating equipment used for cooling and deep freezing of meat is at the disposal of the ranch.
The activities of the ranch are the following:
·        agriculture (culturing of horseradish roots, potatoes, tame grass);
·        grinding manufacture (grain grinding to get flour);
·        groats manufacture (processing of grains to get groats);
·        provender milling (grain grinding to get fodder);
·        meat manufacture (slaughter of cattle and pigs);
·        fish breeding;
·        reindeer breeding;
·        manufacture of feed pellet “Antiket” for cattle;
·        wholesale;
·        lumbering (manufacture of saw timber for broadening the production basis of the ranch and renovation of buildings);
·        trade;
·        saw cut.
In 2004 the nursery for decorative plants and hylads was created on the basis of the ranch. At present the recreation centre with the possibility of fishing is being built.
Phone: 8 (01716) 2-01-82
Phone/Fax: 8 (01716) 2-01-81
Welcome to the ranch “Vasilek”!

Фермерское хозяйство «Василек»,
Адрес: Минская обл., Дзержинский р-н,
Путчинский с/с, д. Наквасы
Телефон/факс: 8 (01716) 20-20-2

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