It is impossible to display page

This page is now inaccessible. Probably, it is called by technical problems on a website, or it is required Change of parameters of an observer.

Try the following:

  • Press the button reload To update or repeat attempt later.
  • Check up correctness of the address of page In a line of the address.
  • to check up option of connection, choose in the menu Service item{point} Properties of an observer . On the tab Connection click Option of a network . Option should correspond to the data given by the manager of a local area network or the service provider of the Internet.
  • Check up, that parameters of connection to the Internet are found out. It is possible set up Microsoft Windows on check of a network and automatic detection of parameters of network connections (if they have been included{have been switched on} by the network manager).
    1. Click the menu Service and choose Properties of an observer .
    2. On the tab Connections choose Option LAN... .
    3. Choose Automatic definition of parameters and click the button OK .
  • For some sites 128-digit enciphering is required. To define the installed degree of enciphering, choose in the menu the Information{Inquiry} item About the program .
  • Before connection with the safe site check up correctness of installation of parameters of safety. In the menu Service choose Properties of an observer . On the tab "In addition" find section "Safety" and establish a tag for SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, PCT 1.0.
  • Press the button Back to use other link.